If you live in a house you know about all the little issues that you may encounter when it comes to pest. Rodents are actually some of the most common pests encountered. Sometimes they like to live under your house if you have an crawl space. They also like to feed off the trash you throw out. The first step in this case would be to make sure all trash cans are covered and aren’t easily accessible by animals. However this is for small infestations. If you happen to have an on going issue you might need to do a little more.

Rodent Traps
Rodent traps are usually the first step in attempting to eradicate a rodent issue. There are two type of traps live traps and kill traps. The first leave the animal alive. These are great when you want to re-release the animal. The kill traps are when you are not concerned about keeping the animal alive. Although keep in mind that it might be a very messy clean up. Clean up is also very important. If you leave behind any dead animals you more than likely will attract another type of pest.

Pest Supplies
We looked around where would be a good place to buy some animal control supplied and we stumbled upon this site http://www.doityourselfpestcontrol.org. If you really aren’t much for buying things online you can also find these extermination products are your local hard ware store or even at big box stores like walmart. But by all means do not be afraid to take on simple infestations yourself. Your wallet will thank you.